Training and Consultancy

Some of the past projects that have been conducted with various Associates and Trainers from all around the world :


1. Skype lesson with Evridiki Dakos, a teacher in Turkey. - link to video in youtube,

2. Skype training with Genius Aulad teachers.

3. Being a guest teacher at English Out There in London - with Jason West.

4. WIziq lesson - What ELT teachers should know - a link to Wiziq.

5. Fun english Lesson with Matthew Teed, a native teacher from England

6. Collaboration with Nina Hanakova, EnglishBrno - on various projects

6. Phonics in Teacher Training - IPG and UPSI

7. SKype Lesson in SMSAH

8. Skype Lesson in UPSI

9. Skype training in LADA, Langkawi.

10. One of the panels for the Reading Forum, CHAIR - by Genius Aulad.

10. Group interaction in BPC classrooms in Malaysia - with Dr Chua and Dr Hariharan.

11. Presenting at RSCON4

12. ONe of the guest speaker at MICF, My.