2013  Reform Symposium


I love online conferences. Especially if it is FREE - and you get to connect with all the coolest educators from all around the world - by simply joining in from the comfort of your home :) Come and join me at the Reform Symposium, where there will be more than 100 + presenters who will talk about their work and how they are changing the education all around the world.


Here's the title of my talk : 

Using Skype to connect international teachers to learners in Malaysia - a project by Megabase Academy.


I have been doing some small projects in Malaysia - by using Skype to connect international teachers from all corners in the world. Some of them come from Central Europe and some from England. my main objective is to show how easy it is for teachers in Malaysia to use skype and connect their learners with these native teachers, for authentic conversations. I have been inspired by a lot of other educators, such as Jason West, the founder of English Out There who has introduced the use of skype and facebook in english learning. Among others, i have worked with Nina EnglishBrno, a freelance English instructor who has been teaching online for a good number of years now. I am also connected with Sylvia Guinan, the awesome freelance teacher from Sylvia English Online - whose unconventional work should be an inspiration to all ESL/EFL teachers.


Come and join me - i will update the scheduled session when it is finally announced.


This is an event not to be missed - as you get to meet all the tehnology savvy and cool teachers in one spot. See you there!


my session :




Malaysia Islamic Children's Fair (22-24 Nov 2013)



Special Educational Needs in Malaysia : Transformation Required

A Special Forum at MICF, Malaysia  22 Nov 2013   4.15 - 5.15pm (Malaysia Time) 8.15-9.15am (UK time)


Our Objectives :


1. to identify the current state of special educational needs in Malaysia

2. to link resources and experts in England

3. to provide teacher training to SEN teachers and administrators

4. to provide resources to parents and carers in Malaysia


among the FREE resources available online :